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Welcome to summer! And more importantly, we have exciting news!

We have just received permission for a beautiful, 30-acre wild meadow to create further resting places for those who wish to be buried in nature. The beauty of this, literally, is that the choice is now between being laid to rest in a woodland area or a meadow of stunning wild flowers. We will keep you posted of developments on the website so be sure to keep checking for that and also further news of the visitor centre.

Those who are keen bird watchers will be delighted to have seen the turtle doves at Oakfield, getting ready for their second batch of chicks, and heard, rather than seen, the wonderful sky larks who have been filling the air with their sound of summer.

Another thing to note is that Oakfield is very dog friendly so if you do come and visit, well behaved dogs and humans are very welcome! We do ask though that dogs are kept on leads and that you are responsible owners if they go about their business anywhere.

Those that enjoy walking along our shoreline may spot the occasional common seal who dwell in the area. One in particular, is very fond of basking on any available dinghy left unattended while moored up in the river, claiming a rule of finders’ keepers and, let’s face it, who would argue! So, if you do spot one, please do keep your distance as while they are naturally very curious, they don’t like people coming too close.

We are planning to create a place to share memories on the Oakfield website and would very much welcome anything you would like to share as your shared memories could help others.

We are still busy trying to raise funds for the much-needed visitor centre so any help you can give with this would be much appreciated. If you have any ideas you would like to share, please do get in touch!

As ever, thank you for your continued support, stay safe in the sunshine and we will back soon with another update!

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